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They Couldn't Taste it, but Tests Show Uranium in Drinking Water

Reverse osmosis is a treatment that uses a semi-permeable membrane to capture any uranium in the water. The device uses water pressure as a force against the membrane, and only clean water is able to pass through, which leaves the uranium behind. Plastic bottles end up in landfills and harm the environment. They are also a very costly solution in comparison to drinking water systems with advanced technology. We offer reverse osmosis systems that effectively reduce harmful contaminants, turning tap water into convenient, fresh, clean water at your own separate faucet. Here in the Camp Pendleton area, you can find that our services expand to many housing areas nearby. Reverse osmosis is by far the best solution – saving you money, time, and effort. You can feel good about the water from your faucet. When you can’t see or taste contaminants, a drinking water system can eliminate your worries and keep you healthy.]]>