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Water Filtration is a Necessity Not a Luxury

Almost 54% of homeowners feel that having a home water filtration system is a luxury. There seems to be misinformation about home drinking systems. So, when is a home water filtration system needed? Well the answer is more often than you might think!
As ground water water flows into lakes, rivers, and streams, it will pick up a bit of everything it touches. And there is the possibility that any of these contaminates could eventually find their way into your home’s drinking water supply. A drinking water filtration system is the best way to help clean up some of those items left behind in your water.
A water filtration system helps remove harmful contaminants. The list of contaminates that can lead to health issues includes well-known dangers like arsenic and lead, but it also includes bacteria and organic and inorganic compounds that are less well known, but dangerous nonetheless.
In addition to harmful contaminants that may be in water, there are also contaminants that might not make you sick, but they affect the look, taste, and smell of water. These contaminants can give water a chlorine or rotten egg smell or turn it cloudy or off-color.
Some contaminates, while not harmful to humans, are corrosive and can damage pipes and appliances. The disturbing thing is that your water utility is not required to test for all of these contaminants.
It’s important to also remember that without a filtration system, drinking bottled water is the other option. Bottled water is expensive! It can be 2,000 times more expensive than tap water. The other issue with bottled water – insane waste. Most households don’t recycle them, so instead, they sit in landfills and take a toll on our environment.
Give us a call and we will take you through the different water filtration systems we offer. We can help you determine the perfect system for your own unique household water filtration needs.