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Water Softeners – They Make Good Cents

Water softeners are a huge asset to American homeowners. These appliances not only soften water, but they also are shown to conserve energy by making appliances more efficient, decrease the amount of harsh cleaning chemicals being used and flushed down the drain, and reduce the abuse other water-using appliances endure.

The Water Quality Research Foundation in partnership with the Battelle Memorial Institute recently completed a study on the energy efficiency impact of water softeners. This study revealed that softened water helps save energy because it doesn‘t cause buildup of scale the way hard water does. Many people only recognize the problem of hard water when they are scrubbing away water spots and calcium buildup on the bathroom faucet. The unseen effects of hard water, however, are much more damaging than those unsightly water spots.

Consider the water heater, one of the largest energy-using appliances in our homes. This study found that water heaters using hard water generate 1 to 2 lbs of scale each year, while those using soft water generate NO scale. It takes just a few weeks to generate hard water scale build up. This buildup makes appliances less energy efficient and shortens their usable life span. Installing a water softener can actually make household appliances last significantly longer and raise their energy efficiency.

The Water Quality Association issued press release on June 3, 2009 that summarizes a study on hard water and shower heads. This study shows that untreated hard water can rapidly lead to clogged showerheads, in some cases as soon as a year and a half of regular use. In the study, after just one week of constant testing with hard water, more than three-fourths of showerhead nozzles became clogged. After the same length of time, showerheads using softened water performed nearly as well as on the day they were installed. Some might argue that a plugged shower head conserves water, but it isn’t much of a shower.

No matter what angle you take in looking at the facts, having a water softener in your home makes good sense and cents. Ask your Rayne dealer how you can save money, conserve energy, and help your appliances last longer.