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What are the best drinks for sickness?

Unfortunately, the winter weather has many of us getting sick. When we are sick, our bodies need a little extra help to fight off those germs and get stronger. One of the most common tips someone will say to another person when they’re sick is to rest and “get plenty of fluids.” This common tip is very true and one of the best things you can do to help your body fight and return to a healthy state. Drinking plenty of high quality water will help prevent dehydration. The real question is, what exactly should you be drinking. Coffee? Tea? Juice? Water?
Some drinks are great for easing symptoms, while others may make them worse. An article from WebMD suggests four drinks that can help during your sickness. Decaf tea heated up can soothe sore throats, stuffy noses, chest congestion, and upset stomachs. Plus, a warm cup of tea is comforting when you’re feeling rough. If you choose one with herbs like ginger, your immune system may get a small boost, as well. For an extra benefit, try adding a small dollop of honey to your cup: it can calm a cough and help you sleep.
Other drinks to consider include soup (yes, soup) as a drink. The heated soup can break up mucus, relieve bodily inflammation, and add calories when you do not have an appetite. Ice chips or ice pops are also good for staying hydrated and soothing a sore throat. Most importantly, drinking water with lemon is a great beverage when you’re sick.  Hot or cold, it keeps you hydrated and loosens up stuffiness and congestion. Lemon is also high in vitamin C, which may make a cold slightly shorter if you get it regularly. Of course, when you increase the water you drink when you’re sick, make sure to be drinking safe water. A home water filter can help protect the quality of your drinking water so that water contaminants don’t end up making you even sicker.
WebMD advises that people who are sick avoid drinks like sports drinks, fruit juices, ginger ale, coffee and alcohol. The sugar in most of these drinks is not going to make you feel better and has little nutrients to improve your health. Likewise, caffeine can make you dehydrated, which isn’t good when you’re trying to get well.
To learn more about our drinking water filtration systems and how they can support your healthy lifestyle, give us a call or visit our website. Filtering your drinking water is one more step in avoiding illness, but when you do get sick, it can be a great tool in ensuring that you get the high quality drinking water your body needs. Here’s to your health!