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Guardian Elite

Rayne Guardian Elite

The Guardian Series systems are designed as whole home multi-purpose units with the ability to both soften water AND greatly reduce chlorine, chloramines, bad tastes and odors in the water with FILTREX.


  • Durable water and UV-resistant, non-corrosive valve
  • Premium touch screen LCD display option
  • 1.5 cubic feet of resin PLUS .5 cubic feet of FILTREX Carbon
  • User friendly controls
  • Custom programmed by Technician for maximum efficiency


  • All the benefits of true Soft Water for your entire home
  • Superior Capacity and Flow Rates
  • Whole home reduction in chlorine, chloramines, bad tastes & odors
  • On-demand regeneration saves water and electricity


  • LIFETIME: Valve Body, Resin Tank and Salt Storage Tank
  • 5 YEARS: Internal Valve, Timer Assembly or electronics
  • 1 YEAR: Entire Water Softener