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Archive for February, 2010

Who's Filtering YOUR Water?

Posted by Rayne Water

reverse osmosis system to help filter out these impurities before you take a drink. A reverse osmosis system uses a process in which water is forced through a membrane that has extremely small holes or pores. Clean water passes through to your faucet and the impurities that are too large to pass through the membrane are left behind and flushed away. Generally, the molecules of common impurities like lead, copper, arsenic, chlorine, giardia, pesticides, cysts, and nitrates are too large to pass through an RO system, so that’s a huge burden off your body’s natural filtering system. RO systems are typically installed under your kitchen sink and can save you hundreds of dollars every year because you never have to buy bottled water again. Not only is that a benefit for your wallet, it’s good for the environment – and your body!]]>

Lack of Reporting Sited in Contaminated Water

Posted by Rayne Water

article here. For information about removing manganese or other contaminants from your home’s water supply, contact your local Rayne Dealer.]]>