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Aging and Dehydration a Concern During Healthy Aging Awareness Month

Aging is not an easy process and sometimes age brings on more problems. Staying healthy and making good choices for your body can ease the burdens and possibly even extend your life. September celebrates Healthy Aging Awareness Month, a time to remember how important drinking safe, quality water can be for aging healthier and to increase awareness on the best products on the market to support healthy aging. Our drinking water systems use the latest technology to ensure that you are satisfied with the taste and reduction in harmful contaminants that could cause other health impairments.
According to one Census Bureau report, “there were 40.3 million people age 65 and older on April 1, 2010, up 5.3 percent from 35 million in 2000.”  With so many seniors living in our country, we are in need of best practices which promote taking personal responsibility for one’s health and increase the attention to our aging American population. When our bodies and medications change, so does our need for better and more drinking water. Seniors are at risk of dehydration more than most other people. This could be due to their bodily functions, physical activity, routine, medications and other variables. For example, increased fiber intake is often recommended for older people to aid with issues of constipation and also increases the need for more water intake. Likewise, it is crucial that you or your aging loved ones understand any medications that have been prescribed because they may be diuretics and will need more fluids to be consumed daily to avoid dehydration. Even slight dehydration can have an impact on a senior. It can lead to fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math and reading, and difficulty staying focused. Aside from replacing what is to hydrate the blood and tissues, water also lubricates joints, regulates temperature, and moistens the lungs to allow for breathing. Inadequate water intake over time prevents these processes from occurring, leading to arthritis, sore muscles, heavy breathing, and a higher body temperature.
Compromised immune systems also make drinking water contamination another source of problems for the elderly. Our drinking water systems filter out harmful contaminants so that the water they drink provides all of the necessary benefits for healthy aging and will keep seniors looking and feeling their best. The best benefits of our water filters are clearly the effectiveness in which they remove contamination and the efficiency in which they do so. Our LINX drinking water systems utilize the latest in filtration technology to reduce water waste up to 90% more than traditional reverse osmosis products on the market and can even reduce nitrate and nitrite contamination to non-detect levels. Aging is difficult, but finding a way to have safe drinking water doesn’t have to be. Contact us today to learn more about how our drinking water systems can help support healthy aging and keep you feeling better no matter what your age is.