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Are California Wildfires Affecting Our Water Quality?

Recent news has been full of pictures of the devastation caused by California wildfires. Area residents are left wondering if the fires will affect their water quality.

How wildfires affect water quality

When fires clear out large quantities of plants, there are fewer plants to absorb water, leading to an increased water supply. While this may be a benefit in some areas, it can lead to flooding in others. Additionally, the loss of plants and their roots that hold soil in place can result in erosion and excess sediment reaching our freshwater streams, lakes, and ponds. During active burning, fires can also leave a layer of ash on top of bodies of water – the ash can then find its way into the drinking water of both animals and humans. Post-fire runoff can also carry with it contaminants from other locations, especially in areas where urban developments have been burned. These contaminants eventually seep into groundwater which can then affect drinking water supply and water reserves used for agricultural purposes.

How to protect your drinking water quality

If you live in California, you’ve likely seen efforts by state and federal officials to prevent, or at least contain, wildfires to minimize their effect on human life. While these efforts are admirable, they often take time to implement and are typically out of the control of the average homeowner. There is something you can do, however, to at least protect the quality of your drinking water and the water you use on a daily basis in your home or business. Drinking water systems, including a whole house reverse osmosis system, can provide safe, healthy drinking water at every tap in your home. Give us a call today to find out which reverse osmosis system makes the most sense for your family and do your part to protect one of our most valuable resources.

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