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Eradicate Water Contaminants with Eco-Friendly Power!

We want to shine a little spotlight on one of the most eco-friendly and effective drinking water systems available for your home – the Rayne Eradicator. This is one of the leading products on the market today for removing drinking water contaminants. So many Americans take their tap water for granted – we know that the EPA does a pretty good job of regulating the water we drink. They require tests for over 90 contaminants, which is a good reason to not have to think about what is in your home’s drinking water. However, not ALL contaminants are tested for. Expecting a water treatment facility to monitor for thousands of chemicals, is just not practical, not to mention cost-prohibitive.

The Solution to Drinking Water Contaminates

If you worry that your water may have unregulated contaminats in it, we can help. This is where products like the Rayne Eradicator come into the picture. You don’t have to worry what contaminants could be finding their way into your tap. There are many avenues for contaminats to get into your water, but you only need ONE to keep them out – and that’s with one of our effective drinking water systems. The Rayne Eradicator is both economical and efficient, well worth the low monthly cost, but what sets this product apart from our competitors is that it is extremely eco-friendly as well. This innovative water treatment option uses 75-95% less water than traditional reverse osmosis systems! Not only does it alleviate the worry about potential contaminants, it also alleviates the concern about water usage as well. This is a huge advantage, especially here in California where water usage is closely monitored.

Are you looking for more than a drinking water system in Southern California? We also offer other water treatment and water filtration products. We have many SoCal locations and can provide water softeners in Bakersfield all the way down to San Diego. Give us a call today!

The Rayne Eradicator

We first introduced this product in 2017 and are excited to shine the spotlight on it today. With its special sediment filter, carbon and post-carbon filters and membrane, it is capable of providing superior water to your family without all the water usage of a typical reverse osmosis systems. Whatever filtered drinking water demands your household requires, the Rayne Eradicator is more than capable of meeting those needs. Learn more about this special, one-of-a-kind product here!