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PE Tank Service: The Smart Solution For Water Conservation AND Hard Water

Water conservation has long been a hot topic among environmentalists and politicians alike. This is especially true in California, where densely populated areas combined with adverse environmental conditions have made potable  water scarcer than ever. It’s no surprise then, that the water conservation topic leads the headlines wherever you look.

New water conservation laws

Over the last few years, many municipalities and water authorities have taken the problem of conservation efforts into their own hands and begun water saving programs to help make a difference. More recently, however, the state government has stepped in and passed new laws that make certain water saving measures mandatory, not optional.

On a personal level, new California water conservation laws provide regulation regarding how many gallons of water each individual can use on a daily basis – the current goal is to reduce water usage to 55 gallons per person per day within the next few years, with another 5 gallon per day reduction coming in the future. In addition, outdoor water use by individuals and communities will be regulated. Regardless of how you feel about governmental control over such things, the bottom line is that water conservation affects us all and we should take it seriously.

Water saving solutions

We believe water conservation efforts can start at home, and that includes what type of water softener you use. Traditional water softeners are salt-based and can be harmful to the environment due to chemical contamination of waste water, a problem that is leading many localities to enact water softener bans. With much of California having hard water, however, there is still a high demand for water softening solutions. One treatment for hard water is a Portable Exchange (PE) Tank Service.

Rayne technicians simply deliver tanks of clean and soft water to your home or business with a frequency depending on your usage. The equipment does tanks do not require electricity or a drain, meaning no salty waste water gets discharged into the environment. When empty, the tanks are returned to a state-of-the-art facility where they are regenerated under controlled conditions. With little installation or maintenance, these tanks are an easy solution. 

PE Tank Service is an excellent solution for not only preventing waste water contamination but also conserving water overall. Give us a call today to see if this service makes sense for your home or business and together, we can lead the water conservation efforts in our own communities.