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Choosing Local Means Choosing Knowledge

Whether you’re new to the Ventura, California area or you’ve lived here your whole life, unless you have researched and read water quality report after water quality report, it’s a good possibility that you have no clue about the quality of the local drinking water. We can help! Choosing a local business means choosing knowledge – you can feel confident that your local business knows about the area, and it’s particular strengths and weaknesses. Generic drinking water companies know what makes good water, but do they have any idea about the quality of your specific tap water, groundwater, water reserves, drought updates or what the most common contaminates in your water is. Supporting your local businesses means a lot to them – and your community – for many reasons. One of those reasons is because local businesses are experts on the local area. This local knowledge benefits both the business and the consumer. According to a recent article from Independent Business, some of the most important reasons to buy from a local business include local character and prosperity; community businesses deserve some economic advantages over those not in your community. Another reason is for community well-being. Local businesses help sustain town centers, link neighborhoods and neighbors and often contribute back to the local causes within the community. You’ll also be keeping dollars in the local economy and help your neighborhood businesses thrive with your patronage. As local business make money, they also tend to give back to the community which in turn benefits their residents. Local businesses also provide jobs and wages for community residents. It almost makes you wonder why anyone would choose anything other local for their purchases! Whether you’re looking for a water filter or a water softener, no one knows Ventura drinking water like we do. This means we are experts on recommending and tailoring your drinking water system perfectly to meet the demands and requirements of your home or office. Every region of the country has unique drinking water needs. Don’t let a bigger corporation sell you a home drinking water system, how do they even know what product is right for your family? We have been in the business since 1928, being the oldest continual water conditioning name in existence. Our National Corporate Offices are also right here in California. Contact us today to learn more about our home drinking water systems and let us show you what a local water company can do for you. Choose local, choose the best.