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Climate Change = Water Change

Is it global warming? Or El Nina? Or La Nina? Or is it just a change in weather patterns? Regardless of our school of thought, there does seem to be a change in temperature, precipitation, and weather patterns. In a recent Science Daily article, it was said, “The term ‘global warming’ does not do justice to the climatic changes the world will experience in coming decades. Some of the worst disruptions we face will involve water, not just temperature.” This article predicts that drought may threaten much of the globe within just a few short decades. Drought, to many of us, is something out of the Dust Bowl of The Grapes of Wrath, or if we have experienced drought, it is always a weather condition that corrects itself within a year or so.

The drought being examined in this article, however, is much more than that. This drought would affect two-thirds of the United States, and several other continents as well. Other parts of the globe, such as Alaska, Northern Europe, Russia, and Canada will see an increase in precipitation. The article did warn, however, “This increased wetness over the northern, sparsely populated high latitudes can’t match the drying over the more densely populated temperate and tropical areas”.

Already, we read often in the news that local lakes and reservoirs are at record low levels, communities facing water restrictions, and aquifers becoming depleted. By the 2030s, scientists are guessing that some regions of the US will be experiencing particularly severe conditions – that’s only 20 short years away. Seeing that these things are coming within most of our lifetimes and to our part of the country, isn’t it time we did what we could to lessen the effects of it?

We think so. That’s why we’ve instigated many of the changes in water treatment technology. Our drinking water systems waste much less water than traditional reverse osmosis systems. Our water coolers do not use bottles that require cleaning and transporting. Our water softeners are offered with portable exchange tank service so that no salt is turned into the groundwater and only recycled water is used in regeneration. We believe that we can make a difference in the years to come and encourage other industries to join in!