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Effects of Fluoridated Drinking Water

Fluoride has made its way back into the news again lately and it has the same supporters and critics of fluoridated drinking water in communities around the country. About 75% of people have purposely fluoridated water, but even those who do not may still get fluoride via natural occurrence. With all of the hype about putting fluoride in water for dental health, citizens should know that people could be suffering needlessly from thyroid problems which can cause depression, weight gain, fatigue and aching muscles. All of this due to over-fluoridation when you have added fluoride plus naturally-occurring fluoride! One article discusses how The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California pumps fluoride into Orange County’s water supply. But with naturally-occurring fluoride, this may not be necessary and this surplus of fluoride may warrant installing a water softener in the Orange County area. It is clear that some residents still have concerns about their drinking water since many reports in the area demonstrate proof of naturally-occurring fluoride, too. Not all communities are affected by the regulations, but most people are affected by fluoride in their drinking water in one way or another. Because it is also now put in toothpaste, mouthwash and other products, some scientists say that is enough to support dental health these days. A study from the University of Kent claims that fluoride could be causing depression and weight gain and communities should stop adding it to drinking water. But even without adding it, residents without home water filtration systems could be at risk. According to the National Research Council 2006, “it is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.” The warnings of scientists should not be taken lightly as depression and weight gain are serious health issues that could be prevented with a water filter in your home. According to one article, some of Orange County’s 3.2 million users get fully fluoridated water. Others get none and still others get a mix of fluoridated and non-fluoridated water. Even if you do not live in a place where they add fluoride to your drinking water, you may still benefit from water treatment. Water filters such as RO systems will clear water of excess fluoride as well as other harmful drinking water contaminants. The truth is that we never really know what is in our water and with naturally-occurring contaminants as well as chemicals which are placed in our water; we need to monitor our intake and protect our families. The benefits of a home drinking water system outweigh the dental benefits of community fluoridated tap water. Contact your local Irvine water treatment company today for more information.

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