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Shower Stream May Contain Contaminants

water filter for your household may be the answer to your indoor air contamination. It is estimated that nearly two thirds of the typical person’s chlorine exposure is from chlorinated shower water.
As your local water treatment company, it may seem odd that we would focus on your indoor air. But when water from the steam and evaporation from your shower could have serious consequences, we know our products are here to help. Some people have allergic reactions to the chemicals found in unfiltered water. Chlorine, a chemical commonly found in city water – and therefore your shower water, can trigger allergic reactions for certain people. Exposure to high levels of chlorine has been linked to many serious conditions, but for some the allergies themselves are serious enough. Furthermore, most people tend to take hot showers. This water is usually hot enough to create steam.  When your shower water is steaming, you are creating chlorine gas. That chlorine gas represents a troublesome form of shower water contamination.
Shower water contamination in the form of chlorine gas, according to experts, can be harmful. Research shows that it has been the cause of health problems such as allergies, asthma, and in some cases even cancer. When we are showering in hot water, we are naturally breathing in the steam through our noses and our mouths. As good as the hot water may feel on our body, it could be doing harm in our body. Filtering your shower water will drastically lower your exposure to chlorine shower water contamination. Our water purifiers and water conditioners work efficiently to remove harmful contaminants to keep you safer. So this month, when you care about your indoor air, make sure you contact us and also care about your water.