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So Many Water Filter Choices, How Will You Decide?

These days, there are plenty of drinking water systems on the market for you to choose from. But with so many options, and so many companies telling you that THEIR product is the best, how will you ever choose the right water filter for your household? How will you know what to look for in order to provide your family with high-quality drinking water? We are not here to just tell you we have the best drinking water systems on the market – we want to prove it to you.  Selecting a home water treatment system takes time and it takes some knowledge of what to look for in a product. In a recent article from NSF, they explain what makes a great, efficient drinking water system and how to narrow down your search.
People have different reasons for choosing a water filter or other drinking water system. In order to capitalize on the health benefits of water, it is essential to draw from a clean source of water. Keeping in mind that there are more than 2100 known drinking water contaminants that may be present in tap water, including several known poisons, don’t you think it’s time that you pay more attention to your own drinking water? Finding the right filter will help you to improve the quality and purity of your tap water for your family.
Start by finding out what is in your water. If you’re suspicious of drinking water contamination or you simply want to know what your neighborhood drinking water is like, your water quality report is the perfect place to read about it. If you have a private well, you’ll have to consider getting your drinking water independently tested to see what it contains.
Then, you’ll have to decide what contaminants you want to reduce. Which ones are the most concerning to you? Which ones have the highest levels? Not all water filters can reduce all contaminants, so before you decide, you’ll want to know which contaminates that product can remove and which it cannot. It should be certified to address your individual concerns. Once you do this, you’ll then want to compare which water treatment systems are right for you. There are point-of-use systems, whole house filters, pitchers and many more. Our water technicians can also help answer any questions you might have and help you make a decision about what type of system would work best for you and your family – they are only a phone call away.
Finally, NSF certified drinking water filters adhere to standards applicable to each type of treatment option. You may notice the NSF mark on a product and this is important. We know that not all water filters have this certification, but our drinking water systems do and can offer you numerous solutions to meet your household demands and water quality concerns. Our systems will reduce water waste, remove almost any contaminants, save you money, and finally, are certified and effective at improving the quality and purity of your drinking water. When the search for a home water filter becomes too daunting, make it easy on yourself and give us a call. All you need for water quality is right here.