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Soften Your Base Water

Camp Pendleton, you may have noticed some strange things happening.  You’ve run the dishes through the dishwasher but they come out with spots on them.  You’ve done the laundry but the clothes don’t seem clean.  And, you took a shower but your skin and hair feel dry. Don’t worry; you’re not losing your mind.  You’re just one of the many Camp Pendleton residents experiencing the results of hard water.  Hard water is created when water comes in contact with rocks and soil and picks up excess minerals, usually calcium and magnesium.  On the base, much of the water comes from the Santa Margaurita basin area and is high in minerals.  If left untreated, this water coming through the fixtures in your home causes those water spots you’ve noticed, and also makes it more difficult to get things clean, including the laundry and your own body. Fortunately, there is an easy solution.  Installing a water softener system in your home can make things so much simpler.  A water softener simply removes the excess minerals in the water, allowing the water to be able to do its job more efficiently.  With soft water, less detergent and soap will be needed to create a lather and adequately clean the laundry, your skin, and hair.  And, you will be glad to see those dishes coming out of the dishwasher sparkling clean. Rayne of Camp Pendleton offers base residents affordable options for water softeners.  Instead of having to buy a permanent system, residents can rent a water softener on a month- to- month basis.  When it’s time to move, the system can be removed for no extra charge, and if you’re moving to another home in Camp Pendleton or anywhere in North San Diego County, it can be moved to your new residence for free. Rayne of Camp Pendleton also offers exchange tank service.  This is the easiest water softener system to maintain because Rayne’s professional technicians take care of it all!  They bring a soft water exchange tank to your home and periodically exchange it with a fresh tank.  How often it is exchanged depends on the size of your household.  The tanks do not require electricity or drainage and the customer does not have to add any salt, making it easy and convenient to have soft water all day long.  There’s no reason for you to suffer with hard water any longer…make the trip to Rayne of Camp Pendleton today to find YOUR solution!]]>
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