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What is the Irvine Water Hardness Level?

Have you been noticing that it’s hard to clean things lately? Maybe your hands feel filmy no matter how hard you scrub them, you’ve been using more detergent in your laundry than you used to, or you’re going through shampoo quicker than you ever had before.

These signs are evidence that you have a hard water problem in your house. Though they may be more subtle than the more obvious giveaway of seeing spots on your silverware or glasses when you empty the dishwasher, they’re no less telling.

But if you live in Irvine, how do you know if your water is hard or soft? Is Irvine tap water safe to drink? In this article, we’ll discuss everything you might be wondering about Irvine water hardness. From its safety to the severity of the problem, we’ve got you covered.

What Is Water Hardness?

When you call water “hard” or “soft,” it has nothing to do with the actual texture of the water. Hard water is just water with a high concentration of minerals and chemicals dissolved in it. The two most commonly found in hard water are calcium and magnesium.

The extra amounts of these in your tap water can cause more severe issues than your laundry needing extra detergent. These issues include:1

  • BuildupThis can be a real killer for appliances you run lots of water through, such as a coffee pot. Additionally, you’ll have to spend extra time cleaning them and dissolving the minerals to take care of this issue or risk shortening the life span of your appliances.
  • Calcium carbonate deposits – These form anywhere you heat hard water. Calcium carbonate deposits can be very problematic for your home water heater and your pipes, which can become clogged if deposits get too large. You might also notice your heater becoming less effective and running a bigger bill as deposits grow.

The potential consequences of ignoring water are no joke and could cost you in terms of repairs or new appliances if you don’t deal with the issue.

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Is the Water in Irvine Hard or Soft?

Now that you know what hard water is, you’re probably wondering if Irvine has a hard water problem. The short answer is yes. Hard water is classified on a sliding scale. This scale measures the concentration of dissolved minerals and chemicals in the water in terms of milligrams per liter. If water has dissolved minerals in the amount of:2

  • 0-60 PPM, it’s soft water
  • 61 to 120 PPM, it’s moderately hard water
  • 121-180 PPM, it’s hard water
  • 181 PPM or greater, it’s very hard water

According to the 2021 water quality report, Irvine’s water qualifies as hard. Its average local treated groundwater has a PPM of 119, its average local treated surface water has a PPM of 308, and its average imported treated water from the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) has a PPM of 265.3

This hardness is due to the water source, as Irvine imports its water supply from the Colorado River and Northern California. Since both places tend to have naturally hard water, the water Irvine residents get is also hard, although the level of hardness changes depending on the time of year or your specific location.3

Is Hard Water Safe to Drink?

Since hard water can make it more difficult for cleaning products to do their job and causes harmful buildup and deposits, does that make it inherently unsafe to drink? The answer to that is no. 

Hard water is still safe drinking water, though doing so comes with its list of pros and cons.

The positives include a boost in your mineral intake. If you have type two diabetes, you’re probably naturally low in magnesium. As a result, drinking some hard water could improve your levels and provide some benefits. Those low in calcium would also experience a similar effect.

However, there are also drawbacks to drinking hard water. It can have an off taste when the calcium in it gets above a certain level. This means it can also give any drinks you make with it or food you cook in it an odd flavor as well. Hard water can also seem cloudy, which can make it very visually off-putting to consume.

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