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The Tragedy of Unsafe Water in California

We keep seeing that California has had plenty of snow and rain this winter. This is good news – it must mean that the drought is over and all the folks in CA have plenty of fresh quality drinking water now, right? Not so quick, almost 1 million people in the state are still being exposed to unsafe drinking water. Experts are calling this an emergency. Because of the drought, private water companies were forced to help other disadvantaged communities. The effects of the drought are far more widespread than people know. Approximately 1 million people in rural areas of Central Valley still have dry wells and contaminated water supplies. The health effects of the dirty water are frightening. Tainted water found in wells and public water systems in these areas contain everything from naturally occurring arsenic and uranium, to nitrate from fertilizer and dairy farm waste runoff. These contaminates can cause cancer and even death. The groundwater has become so contaminated, and now CA is starting to over-pump the resources, it is harder to make sure the water that people receive is safe. Data shows that 292 California water systems contain contaminate levels so high they violate safe drinking water standards. Meaning, water softeners in the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and other major cities in California are becoming increasingly more popular to combat contaminates.  This is a crisis, schools don’t even have clean, safe water coming out of their pipes. This is a water emergency. Many that are relying on water from a private well, can’t even shower and do laundry. When they turn on the faucet, air comes out. Wells are dry. Many in these rural areas are relying on bottled water to drink and cook with. Some are even having to shower in portable showers in a local church parking lot. These areas are being forgotten. California is the 6th largest economy in the world and the people in the area are living in conditions like a third world country. While we can’t do anything about the drought, we can certainly make sure your drinking water is safe to drink. A water filtration system has the ability to filter out most harmful contaminates you are going to find in your drinking water supply. We can evaluate the status of your water and give recommendations based on our findings. By installing a drinking water filtration system you will be protecting you and your family from water contamination.