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Unsafe Drinking Water in California is a Huge Problem

It’s being estimated that 3,000 households have unsafe drinking water supplied to their homes in the San Diego area. As a result, water softeners in San Diego are becoming more and more popular. Local area schools have been tested and have been told they have high levels of lead, copper and bacteria that exceeds the levels of safety. Drinking water contaminated with these elements, can lead to some serious health complications, and it is becoming more and more of a concern every day. Even though the drinking water at the affected schools were shut off immediately, thousands of students had already been exposed.

Old plumbing caused water contamination

The health risks associated with drinking lead and bacteria contaminated water can be quite significant, which is a serious problem for students and residents. It was determined that the contamination problem stemmed from plumbing that was outdated and in need of repair. Until the school system can replace the plumbing that caused the problem, students will be unable to drink the water. In the meantime, students are being provided bottled water and will continue to use bottled water until all repairs and testing is complete.

Various contaminates found in drinking water

In addition to the lead, copper and bacteria found in schools, some areas in the state are dealing with uranium in their water as well. Testing revealed that their water had 5 times the maximum recommended levels of uranium present. Water contaminated with uranium can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea as well as liver and kidney damage. Some other water concerns in the San Diego area, deal with their water supply. Approximately 3500 people have reported that they have dry wells. Testing has shown that tainted water in wells and public water systems in the San Diego area contain unsafe levels of uranium, fluoride, nitrate, and arsenic, per the state data.

Benefits of water filtration systems

Water contamination is a huge issue and not one we can afford to ignore. With our state dealing with so many water issues lately, we have seen more and more residents opting for water filtration systems in their homes. A water filtration system such as our RaynePure Plus or RayneClear Reverse Osmosis system has the ability to filter out the majority of major water contaminates, including lead, bacteria, and heavy metals such as uranium and copper. It just isn’t worth it to take the chance that you, or your family, could be ingesting harmful contaminates from your drinking water. Having high quality, safe drinking water is something we rely on here in America, and it should be readily available for everyone.

Closing thoughts

If you are ready for some peace of mind when you fill a glass from the tap, give us a call and we will help you find the right drinking water system to fit both your need and your budget.

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