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Water Testing – Your Water’s Report Card

If you have children in school, you’re likely familiar with the periodic report card coming home. Sometimes, this is the only way you know how your child is performing in school. It’s helpful in showing what your child does well, what she does poorly, and what improvements need to be made. A water test is like a report card for your water supply and can give you important insights into the safety and quality of your drinking water.

What is a water test?

Very simply, a water test measures the types and amounts of certain contaminates existing in your water supply. The various contaminants measured are determined by the type of test, who is doing the testing, and where your water supply is.

Why do I need a water test?

If you live in a community where the water is provided via municipal sources, you may wonder why it’s necessary to have your water tested. Don’t governmental agencies do their own testing to ensure that they’re meeting standards and avoiding any health risks to provide safe water to the public? The short answer is yes, they do. However, the required testing is not always done on time, and officials aren’t always quick to release the results, especially if they result in unsatisfactory levels of water quality. Play it safe, avoid the risk, and get your own water tested regularly.

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How often should I get a water test?

According to the National Ground Water Association, individuals with wells should get their water tested at least once a year. The test should look for bacteria, nitrates, or any other contaminant that is a health concern in your location. For example, if E. coli was found in your neighbors’ wells, you might want to have your water tested for the same.

While local agencies do undergo periodic testing of their water supplies, it certainly doesn’t hurt to get your own test done at least once a year if you’re relying on them for your clean water. If nothing else, it will provide you with peace of mind that you have safe, quality, potable water. Of course, you should get a water test done sooner if you notice a change in the look or smell of your tap water – this is true regardless of the water source.

How do I get my water tested?

Water tests can be done by local laboratories or agencies. The homeowner is typically given instructions for the collection of a water sample, and the sample is then tested for the contaminants in question. This costs money, however, and accurate results hinge on accurate collection techniques.

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