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Why Every Sacramento Well-Water Homeowner Should Consider a Water Softener

80% of Sacramento’s drinking water comes from surface water. Around 20% of Sacramento’s drinking water comes from wells. Why does that matter?

Because according to the Department of Utilities’ Consumer Confidence Report, the City of Sacramento’s groundwater hardness can go up to 320 mg/L. For scale, drinking water hardness should not exceed 170 mg/L —  and that’s on the higher end!

(Salt on the wound? Northern California neighbor Yuba City has only 58 mg/L).

With public health concerns around the city’s management of its aging water infrastructure, Sacramento homeowners are well within their rights to be worrying about wells.

RayneWater’s water softeners are the ultimate solution to Sacramento’s water hardness. Our top-rated residential water testing and filtration systems provide soft and safe water, protecting your home and health from hard water damage.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a deeper dive into the issue.

The Hard Truth about Sacramento’s Well Water

Hard water is a common problem in many households, and it can detrimentally affect your appliances and plumbing. Hard water is defined as having high levels of calcium and magnesium ions, which can cause scale buildup in pipes, fixtures, and other appliances.

This buildup can reduce water pressure and flow, leading to costly repairs or replacements. Additionally, this kind of poor water quality can cause dry skin and hair due to the lack of protective oils stripped away by the minerals.

Hard water can have an unpleasant effect on water quality, taste, and odor. The high mineral content in Sacramento’s well water can leave it tasting as metallic and bitter as the rusty pipes it traveled through.

Iron is a common mineral found in Sacramento’s groundwater, and it can significantly impact water quality. Iron can cause staining and discoloration of fixtures, clothing, dishes, toilets, bathtubs, laundry, and other surfaces.

A comparison of a cleaned vs. iron-discolored tub.

The Solution: Water Softeners

RayneWater’s water softeners are the perfect solution to hard water problems in Sacramento. Our residential water softeners work by removing the calcium and magnesium ions before they enter your home — leaving you with soft, safe drinking water.

Water softeners are sophisticated systems designed to remove hardness, mineral content, and iron from drinking water. They use a process known as ion exchange to filter out these impurities. The system passes water through a resin bed containing tiny polystyrene beads charged with ions. As the water passes through the resin beads, the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium or potassium ions.

The result? Soft water, free of impurities.

With RayneWater’s water softeners, the taste and odor of your well water can also drastically improve. Our systems effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions, as well as iron, from your drinking water, leaving behind a softer, cleaner-tasting water that won’t leave a lingering aftertaste. That means fresher coffee, sweeter tea, creamier sauces, and even more aromatic meals.

Water Softeners vs. Reverse Osmosis vs. Activated Carbon

RO and activated carbon filtration are used to remove a broader range of contaminants from water, including heavy metals, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

RO uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out impurities, while activated carbon filtration uses a carbon filter to absorb impurities. These methods are very effective at removing various contaminants, but they may not be as effective at removing hardness minerals.

When it comes to water hardness and mineral content, however, ion-exchange water softeners are the best. They are designed specifically to remove the calcium and magnesium ions that cause hard water.

A water softener system provides many long-term benefits for homeowners. Installing a water softener can:

  • Reduce your energy costs ($100 annually saved on your water heater usage).
  • Extend the life of appliances and plumbing (a minimum of $90 a year, even more for certain kinds of plumbing)
  • Make cleaning easier ($250 saved yearly on bath products, clothes, and linens).

By removing hard mineral content from groundwater and protecting pipes and appliances, RayneWater’s water softeners provide you with clean, safe drinking water for years to come.

Real-Life Success Stories with Rayne

Once again, you don’t need to take us just at our word. Here are some from a happy Sacramento customer:

I had scheduled for a serviceman to come out to take a look at my water softener since it hasn’t been regenerating like normal. I’ve owned my water softener for over 17 years (older than my youngest daughter…)

… I appreciated Miguel’s friendly and professional mannerism.

All in all, the service time took about 30 minutes. I have my soft water again… thanks, Miguel. Happy customer here! — May

Need more proof?

He was very friendly and cheerful. He explained each step he was taking and what I needed to have done. He returned once I had a cold water connection and installed the new water tank I purchased separately. I will definitely consider asking him to return when the RO filter system needs replacing. — Richard

Get Started With RayneWater Filtration Today

Rayne always puts your experience first, and we’re proud that customers like May and Richard are happy with our work. We’d love to make you our next satisfied customer. Contact RayneWater now to get your first three months of service half-off!

When it comes to the safety and health of our families and ourselves. Safe drinking water is essential for the sustenance of life; it helps us stay hydrated and healthy, prevents disease, and supports sustainable agriculture. With RayneWater, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality product with superior customer service for all your filtration needs.

Our real-life success stories speak volumes about how we put customers first in everything we do – so contact us today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sacramento water OK to drink?

Yes, Sacramento’s water is safe to drink. The City of Sacramento tests the water for contaminants and publishes the results annually. Water quality in other Northern California cities like Grass Valley or Rio Linda is also not a public health risk.

However, if your home has hard water or other contaminant problems, you may need an additional filtration system. RayneWater offers a variety of products specifically designed to meet your needs.

Is Sacramento water hard or soft?

Sacramento’s water has a hardness range of up to 320 ppm (parts per million). While surface water is generally softer, well water is the prime offender here.

This classifies the water as moderately hard to hard. Some people may find this hardness level too high, so they opt for an ion-exchange softener system from RayneWater.

Are wells drying up in California?

The water levels in many wells throughout California have been decreasing steadily due to over-pumping for agriculture and urban purposes. Many communities are looking towards groundwater management to protect the water supply, but even with these efforts, some wells may continue drying up.