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California Economy Felt In The Water

California’s economy can be felt in a multitude of manners. It doesn’t target a specific group of people or jobs, and for the most part, most people have been affected in one way or another. A recent news article even reminded us that the lack of funding in the state of California has put water cleanup projects (even those in dire need) on hold for the time being.

KFRE 59 of the WB describes the findings of a recent water investigation that show unincorporated valley communities have well water that can make a person sick. East Orosi is a low income community which has between 75 and 100 homes in the neighborhood. The water in the neighborhood is contaminated by nitrates, so much so that one resident can’t cook with the water and is forced to buy bottled water when it needs to be consumed. Pacific Institute has been studying the state’s water and found that in one county, fertilizer, pesticides, and sewage have contaminated the water in the wells.

In Visalia, the Community Water Center states that “By far nitrate is the most common contaminant in the area and it’s also the number one reason for well closure in the state.” They explain that nitrates don’t have a taste or odor so actually it would be safer to drink the browner tap water there. One resident of East Orosi buys ten gallons of bottled water a week. But there’s no replacement water for showering. “Sometimes when you bathe after awhile you feel like your body itches.” His is from just one of ten communities with unsafe drinking water due to nitrates. However, as previously mentioned, the financial situation in California means that the necessary water cleanup projects won’t happen for a long time.

And ten gallons of bottled water each week is hardly wallet-friendly or eco-friendly. Most residents who find themselves in this situation are best off looking into a water treatment system like a water cooler for the home, or a water filtration system like reverse osmosis which will be affordable and safe.

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