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What You Should Know About Common Well Water Contaminants

Regular testing and timely maintenance of your private well can help ensure your family’s drinking water is healthy and safe. Private well water is susceptible to many different environmental conditions affecting the water supply in the locality. From bacterial contamination, to off putting smells and taste once it’s in its storage tank, well water can be less than ideal for daily consumption. Well water is NOT treated like that of public drinking water, and there are a number of naturally occurring minerals and contaminants that will be in that water if it’s not filtered. However, don’t let this alarm you. It’s easier than you think to set up a proper water filtration system and avoid any common well water contaminants. It’s time to make a drinking water system in your home a priority by educating yourself on contaminants and health risks and treating your water today!

According to one study from The University of Minnesota, clear, clean well water can still carry large amounts of naturally occurring bacteria which can cause a very bad smell, even if the water looks okay to drink. This bacteria can be very hard to eliminate with certain kinds of drinking water filters. You’ll need to make sure that the filtration product you choose is right for the type of water contamination you have since not all water filters on the market can handle multiple types of contamination. It’s important for your health, your time and your wallet to learn about common well water contaminants in your area and determine which water filter would serve best for filtration. If you choose to invest in a home water filtration system, you’ll save time because the right systems will function properly and efficiently. You can also save money from buying bottled water, since the filtered water will be free of high levels of contaminants and more clean for your health.

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One of our most popular drinking water systems is our reverse osmosis drinking water system. It is equipped with a post-carbon water filter for great fresh taste, and effectively reduces 95-97% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and other contaminant concentrations that may be harmful to your health. This is especially important for well-owners, so you can ensure that your private well water is safe from sources of contamination. On top of the effectiveness, our water filter systems also have the added advantage of being incredibly eco-friendly!

Water wells can be unpredictable when it comes to drinking water contamination. Conducting a proper water test is essential for maintaining potable water for your home. However, even that isn’t always foolproof, and you’ll still need to take action should you find bacteria or contaminants at or above safe levels. When you have a home drinking water system to filter your water, your family will feel better knowing that the water they’re drinking or using is safe for their health and free of any undesired sources of contamination. Drinking water contamination doesn’t have to be hard for those with wells when you have our drinking water filters on your side!

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