spartan series

Spartan Series

Salt-Free with Soft Water Benefits

The Rayne Spartan provides whole house multi-media filtration without the use of salt, electricity, water waste. This dual purpose system both reduces damage from hard water, provides Soft Water benefits, AND delivers amazing tasting, odor free, chlorine and chloramine free water at every faucet. It even reverses existing scale damage from plumbing and appliances due to hard water. 

whole house water filter and softener combo

Guardian Elite

Softener/Conditioner (Larger Homes)

The Rayne Guardian Elite is a whole house water filter and softener combo that is designed for bigger applications with the ability to both soften water AND greatly reduce chlorine, chloramines, bad tastes and odors in the water. If you’re looking for a water softener and filter system for your entire home, the Guardian Elite is exactly what you need.

guardianb 1250

Guardian 1250

Softener/Conditioner (Standard Homes)

If you are looking for a water softener and filtration system that removes contaminants from your tap water, our Guardian 1250 is the perfect whole house water filter for you. The Rayne Guardian 1250 is designed for standard sized applications as a whole home multi-purpose units with the ability to both soften water AND greatly reduce chlorine, chloramines, bad tastes and odors in the water.

Big Blue Filtration

Whole House Filtration

Great low-cost solution in addition to a water softener to protect your entire home from bad odors, and tastes, unwanted sediment and chlorine.

Whole House Water Filter And Softener Combo

Poor quality hard water is a common issue across the world, especially in certain regions. Even here in the United States, many areas suffer from extremely hard water without realizing there is an easy solution for water filtration. Tap water (or hard water) has hard minerals and contaminants which can damage your home’s plumbing, lead to poor tasting drinking water, and even cause skin irritation from showering.

Our water treatment systems remove some of these natural minerals (manganese, magnesium, calcium, etc.) along with any harmful contaminants in your tap water to improve water quality and taste. Connect with our expert technicians for a free water test at your residence. We can provide water analysis to help you understand which minerals are present in your water supply and know which water treatment is the best for your home.

How Do Water Filters & Water Softeners Work?

A water filtration system pushes unfiltered tap water through a filter, then removes the harmful contaminants & impurities ( chemicals, chlorine, lead, etc) in your water supply. The filtered water produced from these systems has a fresh and clean taste, which you usually get from bottled drinking water.

On the other hand, a water softener system works in a similar but different way. Instead of removing these harmful contaminants in your water system, the waster softener improves your water quality via the removal of hard minerals through ionization.

Both are good solutions for improving water quality, but the combination of both is optimal for the best water quality.

Still have questions about water filters & softeners? Call us today to help determine if a whole house water filter and softener is right for you!

Comparison Chart

Water Softener

Guardian 1250 Guardian Elite Defender 1000 Defender 1500 Protector 1000 Protector 1500 Titan Space Saver Warrior
Reduces hard Water & Scaling
Removes Spotting on Glasses, Shower Doors, & Dishes
Protects Water using Appliances
Protects Faucets & Fixtures
Keeps Laundry Soft & Brighter
Softer Skin & Hair
Great for Smaller Spaces
Both Softens & Filters the water
Chlorine, Chloramine & Organic Gas Reduction
Minimum Of 1.5 Cubic Feet of Media
Hi-flo Capacity for Larger Homes
Digital Control Head