Iron Buster

The Rayne IronMan was designed with iron and problem water in mind! With the Rayne IronMan you will notice your rust stains and sulfer odors eliminated, in addition to improved cleansing strength from your laundry detergents and dish soaps.


Chloramine Buster Series

Chloramine Buster

The Rayne Chloramine Buster Series systems are designed as whole home units with the ability to specifically target chloramines in water which, if untreated, can cause pinhole leaks in copper piping.

whole house

Whole House RO

Whole House RO

The Rayne Whole House Reverse Osmosis system is designed to produces the highest quality of water possible throughout your entire business or home. Ideal for the homeowner or business with water supplies that demand advanced water treatment processing.

well water

Well Water

Well Water Treatment

Rayne Water has specialized in providing the best quality of water to our Customers for all of their water treatment needs. Well water is no exception! Whatever your water characteristics may be, Rayne has a customized solution specifically designed to provide excellent quality water for your home.

spartan series

Spartan Series

Salt-Free with Soft Water Benefits

The Rayne Spartan provides whole house multi-media filtration without the use of salt, electricity, water waste. This dual purpose system both reduces damage from hard water, provides Soft Water benefits, AND delivers amazing tasting, odor free, chlorine and chloramine free water at every faucet. It even reverses existing scale damage from plumbing and appliances due to hard water.