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Archive for March, 2013

Improve Life at the Office With a Water Cooler

Posted by Rayne Water

Water coolers such as the ones described above have often been used in offices where there is no safe source of drinking water.  With such a system, large jugs of filtered water are delivered to the office by a water treatment company on a regular basis, and empty jugs are picked up and returned for refilling.  Some disadvantages of this traditional water cooler are the heaviness of the jugs, the issue of where to neatly store the full and empty containers until the next delivery, and the guessing game of exactly how many jugs to order and keep on hand at one time to fulfill the office’s drinking water needs.
At Rayne of Irvine, we offer a simpler solution in our water coolers with LINX technology.  Since the unit hooks up directly to an existing water source, there is no need to handle heavy jugs of water on a daily basis to refill the cooler.  The unit simply filters the water as it passes through, leaving you with great tasting water with less hassle.  Not handling jugs means less strain on your back, less strain on the environment with reduced need for plastic bottles, and a steady stream of healthy water that is available 24-7.  As with the traditional water cooler, there is still the ability to choose hot or cold water, and with LINX technology, you can adjust the mineral content in the water to be more suitable to your personal taste.  Take the time today to check it out and improve life at the office- your employees and customers will thank you too!

Are You a Caffeine Junkie?

Posted by Rayne Water

drinking water systems like a reverse osmosis water filter for your appliance. At the same time, consider this – hydrate with lots of water, not just coffee. Since 60% or more of your body weight comes from fluids, staying hydrated is necessary for optimum performance and can actually make you feel just as good as that cup of coffee does. For coffee drinkers not willing to kick the caffeine habit, your coffee could taste even better with filtered water. According to experts, 98% of coffee is water. Coffee brewed with chlorine or other hard chemicals will be flat and almost bitter in taste. When water comes from one of our high-quality, eco-friendly water filters, it will change the taste of your coffee for the better. Chlorine, algae, and other contaminants will be removed, allowing you to have better tasting water mixed with the coffee grounds or coffee beans – and that is the flavor you should taste in the first place. Because coffee is so closely tied to the water that you drink, be sure that your water is softened and filtered, creating a high-quality through the simple use of a quality drinking water system. We all can use some coffee to keep us going once in a while, but don’t forget to also stay hydrated with plenty of filtered drinking water during the day too. Contact our water treatment company for more information on how to improve your most important beverages of the day!]]>

Can drinking more water give you more energy?

Posted by Rayne Water

Nothing is really the complete cure for chronic fatigue syndrome and anyone who is living with this condition knows just how much it impacts their life. Work days become shorter, the body becomes more tired, and the days of enjoying activities become few and far between. Researchers are still looking for more information on why and how this condition lasts, but the first start is to increase awareness and find ways for people to deal with it in a healthy manner. March is National Chronic Fatigue Awareness Month and is a great way to help those coping with this debilitating condition to feel better and take control of their life once again. Drinking purified water with reverse osmosis can increase the body’s energy levels and decreases fatigue at the same time.
Unfortunately, chronic fatigue syndrome comes with more than just being tired. There are many symptoms of CFT, although the chronic fatigue could be a symptom of dehydration. Not drinking enough water causes fatigue because almost all body functions are about fluid balance, and even small changes in fluid balance can affect our performance and daily life. If this fluid is not replaced blood volume can drop. As a result, the heart has to work harder in order to supply the skin and muscles with oxygen and nutrients. Besides fatigue, dehydration can also give us headaches, make us feel groggy and our brains may not think clearly, dry skin, rashes, pain and joint swelling, muscle pain, cravings, poor digestion, immune dysfunction, and others. When we drink enough water, we cleanse our body internally and eventually it will even show externally too.
So why should you consider one of our drinking water systems  just because you’re tired? According to experts, it has been suspected that chemicals found in drinking water may have an effect on this condition. For example, our drinking water then is prone to contain some chemical and heavy metal contamination which could potentially lead to health problems such as CFS and other diseases. Other pollutants that may affect health and energy levels include microbial concerns like bacteria and viruses which can cause severe illness. Protect yourself and your body by leasing one of our RO systems which will remove harmful contaminants from your tap water without the costs of bottled water. For an eco-friendly and budget-friendly solution for taking back your life with more energy, contact us for a water filter or  drinking water system today!

Nutritional Value of Water: Priceless

Posted by Rayne Water

Drinking water rather than sugary juices or soft drinks is a great start. The campaign also promotes awareness and encourages nutrition through traditions, lifestyles, and making the best choices for your own body. So why is water so good for us? There are a million reasons to list, so we have put together some of the biggest advantages below. So pour a glass of water, sit back, and learn just how good it is for you.

Furthermore, water is a natural appetite suppressant so when you drink water, you feel full and eat less. Drinking water with your meals is a great idea to consume less calories from the food. It is also a better choice than sugary drinks or soft drinks high in carbohydrates. Calories can add up very quickly when you choose beverages full of them with small serving sizes. Knowing the true nutritional value of water should make it a better choice for you and your family. But as you begin to incorporate more water into your more nutritional diet, be sure that you use a water filter that will effectively remove harmful contaminants from tap water and will save you more money than buying bottled water. Bottled water is really nothing more than labeled tap water and in many cases tested and regulated less than tap water. But even treated water can still have risks to your health. When making nutritional choices with drinking water, let one of our drinking water systems with reverse osmosis be a part of your healthy lifestyle. There is nothing less nutritional than chemicals and contamination in your drinking water. Allow our drinking water filters to prove to you just how good for you water really can be!]]>

World Water Day Brings Global Communities Together

Posted by Rayne Water

When we hear the word community, we don’t always think of everything that makes one function. We know people, places, and leadership are essential, but we often forget other important resources which make a community function and survive. Freshwater and freshwater resources are vital to the functioning and success of a community. All over the world, people are celebrating World Water Day, an annual event held on March 22nd to raise awareness and advocacy for the importance of freshwater sustainability. Threats to freshwater and freshwater resources, as well as their ecosystems, can also pose a threat to communities. Drinking water sources and drinking water quality are annual themes, but this year the UN’s focus is on water cooperation.
According to the UN, the fulfillment of basic human needs, our environment, socio-economic development and poverty reduction are all heavily dependent on water. Even more so, every action involving water management requires effective cooperation between multiple actors whether at the local or international scale. Water cooperation is essential in providing water resources to all people in all countries. Unfortunately, 783 million people still do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation. A startling 6 to 8 million people die annually from the consequences of disasters and water-related diseases. And as demand for water increases due to population growth and water shortages, now is the time to see what you can do for your community.
Responsible and eco-friendly decisions are the best ways consumers and residents can support their community and water supplies. We all have a stake in the water we drink, from residents and businesses, to officials and water treatment companies. This year, make the responsible choice for safe drinking water and eco-friendly products with one phone call – to us! Our drinking water systems are eco-friendly and reduce water waste by up to 90% less than traditional reverse osmosis systems. We can provide your household with unlimited water right from the tap. You can feel good about wasting less water during the filtration process while still providing your household with safe, pure drinking water. In the grand scheme of things, the United States certainly has some of the best drinking water in the world. However, even our tap water can contain harmful contaminants affecting our health. Here in Irvine, California and surrounding areas, we do not put effective management of freshwater resources at the top of our to-do list. But when you choose a water filter from our selection, you can feel good about doing your part to provide safe drinking water as well as choosing an eco-friendly system which will keep water where we need it – in our community.