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Drinking Water and Water Softening Systems for Your Home or Business

Rayne Water Conditioning is a family owned and operated company since 1928. We offer many water treatment services along with the best warranties and prices in the Ventura County. Whether it be a rental or purchase, let us earn your business. Our highly trained team is ready to serve you.

Rayne Water of Ventura offers several money saving solutions to the problems created by the hard water in our area. We also offer alternatives to the thousands of plastic drinking water bottles we use every year that end up in the land fill harming our environment.

Rayne also has a wide variety of water softeners and reverse osmosis drinking water systems to choose from. Available for both your home or office - having a soft water system will save you time and money. Call us today to find out how!

Rayne of Ventura also offers environmentally friendly options like the portable exchange tank service.

Why Do I Need a Home Drinking
Water System?

Child drinking filtered waterClean, fresh, great- tasting water is important to everyone.

Rayne’s Drinking Water Systems will provide your home or business with quality water that you can trust – and you don’t have to worry about paying for it by the liter or gallon!

No more delivery trucks coming and going, no more lifting those heavy five gallon bottles, and no more storage space wasted. No more plastic bottles wasting precious resources, and clogging up the land fills. A Rayne Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System will save you time and money - while providing those you know and love with great-tasting, clean, safe water at an affordable price!

Celebrating 89 Years with Systems for $.89/mo

Our Home Water Treatment
Products at a Glance

Stop Hard Water Buildup!

Have a whole house, high capacity, high-flow water softener system installed - call today!

Eco-Friendly, Effortless, Soft Water Exchange Tank Service you can rely on.

Avoid High-Priced,
Inconvenient Bottled Water!

Get an economical Rayne High Purity Drinking Water System for your home.

Water Coolers

Does Rayne Offer an Eco-Friendly Solution For My Office?

The Rayne Horizon Bottleless Water Cooler employs LINX® Technology using electricity to filter your drinking water rather than chemicals.

This means our Bottleless Water Cooler does not release chemicals into the enviornment and conserves water when compared to a traditional reverse osmosis filter system!

Since there is no need to lift those heavy five gallon bottles, this water cooler offers a great solution for your home or office. No more plastic bottles or paper cups wasting precious resources, and overflowing land fills. A Rayne Horizon Bottleless Water Cooler System will save you time and money - while providing great-tasting, clean water at an affordable price!

What Is Hard Water?

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), "hard water" is the single-most water quality concern in American homes today. It may be hard to believe, but 89.3% of US homes have hard water and the problems that hard water causes.

Water "hardness" is measured in "grains per gallon". The water hardness scale runs from zero grains (Very Soft) to 10.5 grains (Very Hard). The "Water Hardness Map" featured on the Rayne Corporate Web site helps explain water hardness in the US. The water in Ventura measures in at about 20 to 50 grains – which means our water is two to five times harder than what is considered hard water.

Hard water buildup ruins plumbing, and plumbing fixtures, at an alarming rate. It creates those annoying spots on your glasses and dishes because soaps and detergents are far less effective in hard water. Hard water causes your hair to feel brittle, and your skin to feel dry. And you know that squeaky clean feeling you get when you shower? Surprise! It is actually hard water deposits coated with soap scum sticking to your skin.

With a water softener, your whole house will benefit. Glasses, silverware, and dishes will sparkle; your hair will feel softer and your skin feel smoother; and all your water-using appliances will last longer. At the washing machine, your whites will come out white instead of yellow or gray, and fabrics won’t break down as fast - so you can cut your soap use in half!

With all of these advantages it is easy to see that soft water actually saves you time and money, and in time, a water softener will actually pay for itself!

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Rayne of Ventura is proud to have been a part of our local community since 1928. We serve the water filtration needs of Ventura, Oxnard, and Port Hueneme, providing clean, healthy water to homes and businesses. So, if you need water softeners in Ventura, water filters in Oxnard, water coolers in Oak View, reverse osmosis systems in Fillmore, or salt-free water conditioning systems in Camarillo, we'll be right there to help. Our water treatment professionals are often in your neighborhood, whether you live in Piru, Ojai, Somis, Port Hueneme, Ventura, or somewhere in between, so give us a call today!

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