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Rayne of Santa Maria

Location Serviced by Santa Barbara (5336 Overpass Rd. Santa Barbara, CA 93111)

Phone Number

(805) 220-9645

Santa Maria Water Softener and Drinking Water Systems for Your Home or Business

Rayne Water Conditioning of Santa Maria offers several water treatment and filtration systems (including salt-free water softeners) to fight the low quality water problems created by the hard water we have in the Santa Maria area.

We can also help with an alternative to the tap water supply and more importantly, bottled water.With fresh water from your reverse osmosis system or water softening system you can save money and conserve water by helping fight the thousands of plastic drinking water bottles used every year that end up in the land fills – wasting precious resources.

With our water solutions, you’ll even notice the difference when doing the dishes or taking a shower, no more water hardness causing hard minerals (calcium, chlorine or magnesium) to build up or discharge in your plumbing fixtures!

Rayne has a wide variety of water filtration systems, water softeners and reverse osmosis drinking water systems to choose from for both your home or place of business so you can enjoy high water quality and great tasting filtered drinking water. Having softened water in your home saves time and money. Call us today to find out why!

Rayne of Santa Maria also offers environmentally friendly softened water portable exchange tank service.

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    Rayne of Santa Maria

    Serviced by Santa Barbara (5336 Overpass Rd. Santa Barbara, CA 93111)

    Rayne of Santa Maria, family owned and operated for nearly 60 years, provides hard water filtration systems and advanced water solutions to the city of Santa Maria, and our neighbors in the surrounding area including Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Orcutt and San Luis Obispo. Don’t settle on drinking hard Santa Maria city water!

    Whether you need water filtration in Santa Maria, a water softener system in Los Alamos, a water cooler in Nipomo, a reverse osmosis water system in the city of Arroyo Grande, or a water conditioner at your office in the Avila Beach area – we’re here to serve you. Need to visit with a water softening system professional?

    We’re often in the following communities: Oceano, San Luis Obispo, Grover Beach, Orcutt, Edna, Nipomo, and Santa Maria. Give us a call and we’ll come to your neighborhood to check your water quality! Call us about our salt-free water softeners, soft water tank service in Lompoc.

    CSLB License #809089-C36

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    Learn why thousands of customers choose Rayne to soften their water and purify it from any contaminants. Our water treatment systems and portable soft water exchange tanks provide the Highest quality water for you and your needs.

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    System Benefits

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    Cities Served

    • Arroyo Grande
    • Betteravia
    • Bromela
    • Guadalupe
    • Los Alamos
    • Nipomo
    • Orcutt
    • Pismo Beach
    • San Luis Obispo
    • Santa Maria